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Founded in Fall 2017 by Jenna Martin and Riley McDanal, the Psych & CogSci Lab has a vision of offering an experience that benefits all undergraduates in the research community. Experienced researchers can attain leadership roles within this lab setting while facilitating the training and growth of aspiring researchers so that each group is primed for more advanced research opportunities.

This year, we are following a replicate and extend structure. Mentees will be divided into groups of 4-5 and assigned a mentor that will guide them through a year-long project. The first semester will be spent replicating a published study and the second semester will be spent extending the methods based on an original idea. The studies will be provided through a database compiled by the ULab Board of Directors and dedicated graduate students. Each group will get to pick studies in areas that interest them the most. This will also allow an opportunity for projects to be published!

Our projects this year involve social psychology, fMRI analyses, visual field cortices, language processing, among others. All projects will be published in a paper and poster series via UC eScholarship Open Access publishing. Posters will be presented to notable UC Berkeley faculty. This will certainly aid in getting on-campus research.

Currently, Dr. Mark D'Esposito, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at UC Berkeley, serves as primary faculty advisor. As the ULab Board of Directors pursues new projects and initiatives, Dr. D'Esposito oversees their work to ensure the advancement of ULab's mission.

Want to join us?

Applications can be found at the following hyperlinks: Mentor App, Mentee App, Grad Student App, and UROP App. Deadlines and details are provided on the applications.

Our Staff

Nimangie Weerakoon
Research Director
Rachel Pham
Lab Manager
Janaki Krishna
External Operations Director
Idalys Cuaderno
Internal Operations Director
Tayeba Chowdhury
Finance Manager
Tiffany Lam
CS Director
Marina Zhao
Mentor Coordinator/ Editor-in-Chief
Megan Cervera
Mentor Coordinator/ Editor-in-Chief
Mark D'Esposito
Faculty Advisor

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